The TRYP by Wyndham brand jointly managed by Meliá Hotels International and the Wyndham Group, has a presence in 20 countries with more than 100 hotels. Since 2016, we manage all social media brand profiles in three languages: English, Spanish and German. We generate the content, organize contests and promotions, implement and manage influencer marketing initiatives. Sociaw also reorganized the pre-existent chaotic structure of individual hotel profiles, many duplicated, into a Facebook Locations system, thus creating uniformity in the brand identity on Social Media. We also function as a Social Customer Service team, answering questions, managing crisis and serving as a link between the individual hotels and the customers.

DateAugust 1, 2019


  • Content creation of photo and video.
  • Promotion of publications.
  • Design and management of the brand identity
  • Content strategy and Management.
  • Strategy and management of influencers.
  • Social Customer Service.