Facebook Ads now on Mobile - Sociaw

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We have been waiting for Facebook Ads to become available on mobile phones for quite some time. Not being?able to check the status of a campaign or its performance on the go has been bothering social media marketers. Especially when it comes to traveling for business during an important campaign. Accessing Facebook Ads on mobile allows you to inform your team on changes in the visuals, pause of bad performing sets of ads or optimization of the existing ones. So welcome to our smartphones, Facebook Ads!

Let’s see what Facebook Ads for mobile offers.

1. View on Campaigns

You can access an Overview of all Campaigns and filter by status.

2. View on Campaign Results

You can see detailed results by campaign, including frequency, reach and cost per click/engagement/event response, etc depending on the type of campaign you have created.

3. Performance of Ad Sets within Campaign

You can also check how each ad set is performing and decide whether to keep using all of them or add new.

4. Dig into the performance of each ad

See what each ad delivers in terms of reach, frequency and cost per interaction.

Looking forward to being able to create Facebook Campaigns on the go!